Terms and Conditions

Standard conditions of contract
Clients are advised to read our conditions of trading and if clarification is required, or terms vary from their own, One Hat Design must be informed. If the payment period exceeds the standard 30 days then One Hat Design Ltd, Wittas House, Two Rivers, Station Lane, Witney, OX28 4BH, should be given a copy of the clients terms before any projects are commenced.

Price and Variation
Quotations are based on One Hat Design’s current costs of production and unless otherwise agreed, are subject to amendment on or at any time after acceptance to meet any rise or fall in such costs. The client will be informed in writing at the time of the increase.  Projects will not be completed without the official sanction of the client.

Preliminary work
All work carried out whether or otherwise, at the clients request, shall be charged for.

All such charges will be subject to client approval before the commencement of work. 

All accounts are subject to approval.  Prospective clients will be requested to supply information on a confidential basis to enable One Hat Design to authorise same account.  The information will be passed on to be credit assessed.

Non payments of accounts
Accounts that remain unpaid after 60 days will be assigned to a Credit Protection Agency.  

Proofs of work be submitted for client approval, and One Hat Design shall incur no liability for any errors not corrected by the client in the proof/s so submitted.  The client is responsible for checking all proofs, and One Hat Design will not proceed with the printing of any matter without the signed approval of the client.

Delivery and payment
Unapproved accounts shall be subject to payment on delivery of matter.

Approved accounts shall be subject to payment within 30 days of the receipt of the invoice.

Clients should advise of damage, delay or loss of goods in transit, or the unacceptability of completed work, in writing to One Hat Design within seven days of the delivery date.

Clients property
One Hat Design will take all necessary steps to protect artwork, illustrations, transparencies and such matter applicable to the work in hand, and to make such charges that may be incurred to protect same items. Subject to client’s approval.

The normal laws of contract shall apply to the conditions of this document, and One Hat Design reserve the right to take such steps necessary to protect it’s interests.

Illegal matter
One Hat Design shall not be required to produce any matter in it’s (or in legal terms) opinion, is, or may be of an illegal or libellous nature, or an infringement of the proprietary rights of a third party.  One Hat Design shall reserve the right to seek to be indemnified by the client in respect of any claims and/or costs and expenses arising out of any judgement regarding any infringement.

Force Majeure
One Hat Design shall be under no liability if they shall be unable to carry out any provision of the contract for any reason beyond their control. One Hat Design shall give in writing notice to the client the details of such matters that prevent them from carrying out the conditions of the contract.

All designs shall remain the copyright of One Hat Design until the account/s are settled in full, and continued use of same designs without payment for the account/s shall be regarded as a breach of copyright.  One Hat Design reserve the right to take whatever action is necessary to protect it’s interests.  Design roughs or visuals presented to the client shall be deemed the property of One Hat Design, and use of the same without written permission of the company shall also be construed as a breach of copyright.  Copyright of said designs shall pass to the client when account for said matter is settled in full.  The clause covers use of artwork, transparencies and a