HPiVS – brand development, website and advertising projects

The task at hand was to develop a distinct and recognizable corporate identity along with a visual brand style that would prominently feature on exhibition display units, brochures, and the company’s new website. In tackling this project, we opted for a fresh approach, leveraging unique logo designs and graphic icons specifically tailored to the products certified by HPiVS. Our aim was to create a clean, robust, and modern aesthetic that would effectively resonate with and capture the attention of an international audience.

HPiVS stands as a UK Approved Body, holding accreditation to issue certificates for products bearing the UKCA marking in accordance with applicable regulations. The presence of a “UKCA marking” on a product signifies its compliance with all relevant UK product regulations, thereby granting it access to the UK market.

The outcome of our efforts was a cohesive and impactful brand identity, seamlessly integrated across various marketing channels. This cohesive visual identity not only distinguished HPVS in the marketplace but also effectively communicated its commitment to quality and regulatory compliance to a global audience.


“One Hat has lifted the appearance of our organisation and with it our own feeling of self-worth. As we handed out new fliers to be proud of in front of an exhibition stand that drew admiring glances, it was as if our new image brought renewed professionalism to the team. We recommend One Hat to any company wishing to get noticed.” Alasdair, CEO, HPiVs verification services