Ernst & Young – exhibition banners, infographics and animations

In our capacity as consultants for an agency, we were entrusted with a variety of projects for Ernst & Young, a distinguished British multinational professional services partnership. Our collaboration encompassed a wide range of tasks, including the creation of informative and visually engaging infographics, the design and execution of impactful exhibition materials, the development of innovative digital assets, and the crafting of compelling advertising campaigns.

Throughout our partnership, adherence to Ernst & Young’s corporate guidelines was paramount. We meticulously ensured that all designs adhered to the prescribed standards while incorporating our creative insights to effectively communicate the brand’s message and values. Our ability to work within strict deadlines and deliver high-quality designs on time was a testament to our commitment to excellence and professionalism.

By consistently delivering exceptional results and maintaining a seamless workflow, we played a pivotal role in enhancing Ernst & Young’s visual presence and reinforcing its reputation as a leader in the professional services industry.