ADHB- Love Pork national campaigns across all media

Commissioned by experts in the food industry, ADHB. One Hat embarked on the creation of captivating designs for a range of themed campaigns, including Love Summer Love Pork, Summer Relax, Bacon Connoisseurs, and The Red Meateorite. These campaigns were meticulously crafted to resonate with a broad national audience and drive pork sales. Through innovative creatives and strategic messaging, we sought to evoke the essence of summer, highlight the allure of pork-based dishes, and position pork products as the ultimate choice for consumers.

The outcomes of these campaigns surpassed expectations, contributing to a notable surge in pork consumption across the UK. Our collaborative efforts with industry specialists and our dedication to crafting impactful designs played a pivotal role in achieving this success. As a result, we not only achieved our primary objective of increasing pork sales but also strengthened the brand presence of our clients within the competitive food market landscape.