As your market becomes more competitive, great branding is not a luxury but is an essential investment that will help you win more business.
To avoid the stilted conversation above, we have come up with a checklist of items to consider when talking to a brand consultant and designer.

  1. Itemise your sales collateral: – e.g. brochure, website, business cards etc
  2. Message: What is the major point you are trying to make? i.e. our product saves you 50% of your heating bills
  3. Market Place: Who are your prospects – industry, job title, profile etc?
  4. Competition: Who are your competitors in this market?
  5. Positioning Statement: Who you are, what you do, your USP, why should I care – what’s in it for me etc?
  6. Deadline: e.g. We need this for an exhibition in two months time.

So now you know how to brief a brand consultant, email Steve and his team at and start the journey towards winning more business.