David Moore Lettings get a new make over

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We were commissioned by David Moore Lettings to create the new brand and corporate image for their new business. Our brief was to reflect the previous franchise of Landsborough Lettings within the style. Although the new look needed to be developed to be more modern, contemporary and clean.

The client has been bowled over with the finished creative solutions and the professional way we have managed all aspects of the project.

In style… MGB 50th brochure


Looking back through time at the car, the MGB 50 brochure reproduces in full the 1962 road test by Autocar (which labeled it a ‘superior car to its predecessor’); some of the original advertising and marketing; a look at its racing pedigree; production figures; features on its variants and much, much more.

The hardcore MGB fan will also find information on the mighty Costello V8 and how the car captured the imagination of drivers in the US and Australia. But make no mistake; you don’t only have to be just a fan of the marque to enjoy the brochure, as we’ve made sure it’s of interest to anyone who enjoys old school motoring.

Zetica Surveying new website


Zetica briefed us to produce a mini site for its company, which provides land surveying and geomatics services alongside a wide range of complementary surveys, such as utility services detection. We created a WordPress CMS website that was both user friendly and followed the corporate visual style exactly.


Autotyres new site


We were asked to help with a local tyre company’s website. The solution? A bright and distinctive site that reflected its business position and made it stand out from the competition. The client saw hits on the site grow 100% and new business came its way over a short period of time.


Artwork made easy

Although our workflow can handle a variety of file types we prefer artwork to be supplied as print-ready PDFs. When supplying PDF files it’s important that they are set to our preferred specifications. A general overview is set out below:

  • All artwork must be composite CMYK
  • Any spot colours to be printed must be included within the file
  • All images must be a minimum of 300dpi
All fonts must be embedded or converted to outline
All files must contain crop marks
  • All files must have 3mm of bleed where required
If supplying native files a general rule is to collect or package all associated files (fonts/graphics/images) used in your page layout as they will be needed to successfully output the file. If you are unsure of any of these settings or require a more detailed explanation please call for assistance. We accept files from many applications but please call to discuss your requirements and we can then help with your file delivery.

Four clearly defined design stage

When creating the right design solution for your marketing needs, each clearly defined stage becomes an important milestone in bringing your new product or service to the market.
Design projects tend to follow these four steps:
1.    discover – forming your ideas, having identified the need for a new product or service
2.    define – refining ideas, establishing the business objectives of creating this new product, ongoing management of the design project
3.    develop – creating a prototype of your new product and testing it in order to see if it performs as it is designed to do
4.    deliver – producing and launching the product or service
Dividing the design process up in this way can help you to develop and plan the timetable for your new project.

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