Why have a single page website


When creating a website it is easy to get caught up in what is possible instead of focusing on what is necessary. What is your objective? What is the one action you would like someone to take when they land on your website? Is it to buy something? Book an appointment? Read an article? Whatever that thing is, your entire design should be focused on eliciting that response. Everything else, for all practical purposes, is a distraction. So how can a single page website help you accomplish your design objective? Let me count the ways…

1. It Uses Storytelling to Inspire Action. Just like in comic books, where a grid pattern of illustrated panels is used to propel the momentum of a narrative, a single web page using interactive elements in a grid layout is perfect for propelling the interest of your site visitors towards the objective you’ve identified.

2. Single Page Constraints Force You to Simplify Your Message. There is only so much room on a single page website. This reality forces you to consider what information is necessary and what is not. Just because you can do or show something doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Keeping everything to one page forces you to keep this in mind, which means you will most likely become a more effective communicator.

3. Scrolling is Intuitive. When on a website one of the single most intuitive behaviors is scrolling. It’s not an accident that Tumblr. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more all use something called “infinite scroll” to keep you on their platforms. It just makes sense. You scroll down, there’s more, so you scroll down some more. As I’ll explain in my next point, this process is easy to take advantage of.

4. Single Pages Convert. On a single page website there is only one way to go, and that is down. By carefully crafting the sequencing of your page elements and limiting the number of links or clickable objects, you can more easily guide visitors towards the exact action that you want them to take. This is why single page websites and/or what is commonly called a landing page convert so well.

5. There is Less to Manage. Many people shy away from getting a website altogether because they don’t want the hassle of having to maintain it or pay the expense of hiring someone else to do the same. With a single page website there is less information to update and only one page to build/maintain. You can more or less leave it be once you’ve got it the way you like it. Just so long as you check in often enough to update your WordPress core, themes and plugins of course.

Building Amber a better brand


After 18 years in business, Oxfordshire financial planners Amber Wealth Management wanted a new look that would better reflect their position in the marketplace. They asked us to develop a new brand, imagery and a website to communicate how they help their customers plan their financial futures.


The first stage of the process was to get to know the company. Amber Wealth’s vision is to provide bespoke planning services and guidance for both individuals and companies, leading to financial growth and prosperity.

To create the perfect brand, we needed to fully understand Amber’s values, core offer, USP and the direction in which they were moving. We then developed a series of conceptual ideas that would help establish their brand and future strategy.

Our aim was to retain the colours that were already familiar with clients and formulate a forward-thinking, modern style to elevate Amber’s position in the local marketplace. A key part of the project was a new and improved website that was user friendly and reflected the branding. Combined with new literature and stationery, Amber Wealth Creation now has a strong brand and professional look that helps customers better understand their unique financial products and results in profitable long-term relationships.


A night at the WOBA’s, celebrating local businesses


This year the WOBA gala dinner was held at Heythrop Park and I was delighted to be there as one of the judges. Together with Paul Gingell, MD of Burford Garden Centre, we had a tough job selecting a winner in the Retail category. It was great to see so many outstanding finalists, and all the winners truly deserved their awards. The calibre of nominees this year demonstrates what a great place West Oxfordshire is to do business in.

It was a pleasure to be involved in the WOBAs and it gave me a great insight into how other businesses in this area work.

West Oxfordshire has a great reputation for independent business – you only have to look at Witney town centre to see evidence of that. Back in 2011 a group of local business people came together to create the WOBAs – West Oxfordshire Business Awards – as a way of celebrating business achievements in the area. Each year businesses large and small compete for awards in a number of categories, with the winners being unveiled in style at a local venue.

The main aim of WOBA is to connect the 8000+ businesses in the area. Entry into the awards is free and every business is encouraged to apply, regardless of size. In fact, the categories are tweaked every year to ensure as many businesses as possible can take part. It’s a great way to increase your business profile and it’s a true community affair – even the award given to the Business of the Year is manufactured locally, with students at Witney and Abingdon College competing to design the winner’s trophy. And if you don’t fancy being a nominee, there are plenty of other ways you can get involved, as all the organisers, judges, sponsors and supporters come from the local area.

Social media services – available now


We just wanted to let you know about our expanded service offering. As well as high quality website, digital and print design we are now able to offer social media services at a very competitive price. This includes:

  • Social media campaigns on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Blog content creation for posting onto social media platforms
  • Social media campaign planning and execution

But why might you want to outsource your social media? Maintaining an active online profile takes time and effort, and if you’re not a natural tweeter or blogger, that’s valuable time you could be using more profitably. We work with professional social media experts who will quickly get a feel for your business and promote you effectively across the most appropriate platforms. Let us manage your blog by creating incisive articles that both entertain and inform your visitors, positioning you as the expert in your field. We’ll also promote your business via social media, tweeting news, tips and your latest offers. You’ll soon find your online presence grows, creating more fans, more orders and, ultimately, more profit.

HPiVS get a new website


HPi Verification Services is one of the companies licensed by the European Commission to issue the CE certificate of quality to manufacturers selling products into the European market. The company has clients all over the world and on every continent, from sole traders working from a shed in the garden to huge blue-chip organisations and household names like Pfizer, General Motors and BAE Systems.

HPiVS recently asked us to create a new brand style for them – one that would stand out both on and offline. We created an identity that is fresh, modern, and appeals to a global audience, whilst retaining the professional nature of the business.

As part of the rebrand we were commissioned to design a website that incorporated the new identity. In this modern world where the internet is accessed more often via mobile phone than computer, a key requirement of the site was that it worked across all platforms. We chose to use WordPress, because of its advanced content management system and cross-platform functionality. The design of the site follows the new brand guidelines and incorporates icons and imagery from the brochures and exhibition display stands we also created as part of the rebrand.

Alasdair Reay, CEO of HPiVS, said: “One Hat has lifted the appearance of our organisation and with it our own feeling of self-worth. As we handed out new fliers to be proud of in front of an exhibition stand that drew admiring glances, it was as if our new image brought renewed professionalism to the team. We recommend One Hat to any company wishing to get noticed.”

Three Reasons Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Website is More Important Than Ever


Is your website mobile-friendly? If it isn’t, you could be missing out on potential customers – and thanks to an update from Google it may be even more difficult for people to find your website in the first place! Here are three good reasons why it’s important to make your site as mobile accessible as possible.

  1. More web searching done on mobile devices than computers – A survey last year found that 60% of web browsing was done on a mobile device. Okay, the survey focus on digital media sites rather than the entire web, but it’s an indication of the way things are going, and if your website only looks good on a large screen, you could be putting people off.
  1. Your site could be difficult to navigate – If your site isn’t mobile friendly, it probably means people are having to zoom in to read the text, or do a lot of scrolling around to find information. Do you really want to make it so difficult for web visitors to find what they’re looking for? A mobile-friendly website is much easier to navigate.
  1. Google will rank you lower in the search engine results – The search engine giant recently updated the way it ranks websites, with the most mobile-friendly websites featuring higher in search results. If you’ve noticed fewer visitors to your site in recent days, it could be because you’ve slipped down the rankings – which could result in a dip in your sales.

So what can you do? Well, Google has released a tool to let you test your website and determine how mobile-friendly your site is. Have a go now and see how well – or how poorly – your website performs.

Test your website for free

The change currently only affects searches made on mobile devices, so if you have a site that ranks well in other areas, you could still score highly for those searching via desktop computers. However, with so many people accessing the web via their phones, staying mobile-unfriendly could be too big a risk for your business to take.

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